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Damon Kaufman started with Stalder Spring Works as a part time worker in 1968. Damon has worked in the grinding, secondary, coiling, and shipping departments with the company. He then served as Vice President and manager of operations prior to becoming company president in 1982. Damon attended Wittenberg University and Clark State Community College. Damon served in as director, state director, V.P. and President in the Springfield Jaycees, and is JCI Senator. He held several offices and is a past chairman of the local Society of Manufacturing Engineers Chapter No 76 in Springfield, Ohio
Dana Kaufman, our vice president of manufacturing, was trained in Detroit, Michigan as a machinist. He relocated to Springfield, Ohio to join the company in 1977. He became our lead coiler and then moved up to Vice President of Manufacturing in 1986
Corella's father started the company in the 1940's. She worked in the secondary Department while in Highschool and after graduation. She moved to Michigan in 1963, with her husband Damon Kaufman Jr. She rejoined the company in the early 80's and became secretary/treasurer in 1986
Since coming to Stalder Spring as a Secondary Operator in 2004, Sue quickly showed that she was not being utilized to her full potential. With knowledge and experience on her side, She quickly took on the role of Special Projects Coordinator
Starting in 2001 as a secondary operator, DL has also worked in the grinding department, and the shipping department. After leaving for three years and working as a retail manager, D.L. Returned and took on the role of Sale and Marketing Manager.
Starting 2005 after graduating high school, with a Basis of CNC machining. Daniel has become our Coiling Supervisor. He over sees coiling operations, along with our CNC Machines
Mike Exelby joined Stalder Spring in 2014 as an IT Coordinator, with over 15 years of experience Mike has been a valued asset in enhancing and stabilizing Network and Server infrastructure within Stalder Spring
 Phone 937-322-6120 Toll Free 866-977-7464